Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time Flies

It's amazing how life continues to twist and turn. A year ago I still blogged, was on Facebook ALL the time, emailed, read and watched tons of movies. Now, well you can see that it's been months since my last blog and I rarely and on FB. I find that my interests are always changing. New hobbies replace old ones and life barely slows down long enough to find a rhythm. It makes me wonder "what will I spend my time doing a year from now?" Of all the things I could choose to do with my time, what will take my interest.

On a different note. We are alive, temporarily down with sickness, and kept busy with our "farm". i would say that we have reached a happy state, at least the happiest, most content state yet of our nearly 12 years of marriage. It's good! It's good to be alive!

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